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    Matt Beckett

    Elgg 1.9.0-rc.1 released

    After a couple of years(!) of heavy development the core team is pleased to announce that Elgg 1.9.0-rc.1 is available for download! Remember this is a release candidate and is meant for developers and bug hunters, so please do not use this on a production site!  If you haven't been following Elgg 1.9's progress, here's an overview of the main features:


    • New responsive theme - aalborg_theme
    • Adds image uploading from editor
    • Replaces fancybox lightbox with colorbox
    • Replaces Tinymce editor with CKEditor
    • Liking and friending use ajax
    • Removes topbar Elgg logo and made "powered by" themable
    • Allows keeping group content limited to the group
    • Site notifications moved into separate plugin from messages
    • Various accessibility fixes
    • Improved theme sandbox
    • Ajaxified the discussion reply edit form.
    • Alphabetize friends/friends-of, group notifications, group owned/member lists
    • Adds support for simplecache minification of CSS and JavaScript
    • Adds new notification system
    • Changes user directories use GUIDs rather than join date
    • Adds robots.txt configuration
    • Adds maintenance mode

    And many, many more.  See the changelog for the full set of changes.

    Elgg 1.9 is a major release.  Developers who have been waiting to test out their 1.8 plugins in 1.9 should take this as a cue to begin upgrading those plugins.  Note that back compatibility was a big consideration in this release so upgrading plugins should hopefully not be as painful as it was for the 1.7 -> 1.8 upgrade.

    As always, please report bugs in our github issue tracker:


    Thanks to the following developers who contributed to this release:

    • Cash Costello
    • Steve Clay
    • Evan Winslow
    • Pawel Sroka
    • Sem
    • Brett Profitt
    • Jeroen Dalsem
    • Juho Jaakkola
    • Per Jensen
    • Ismayil Khayredinov
    • RiverVanRain
    • Matt Beckett
    • hellekin
    • Jerôme Bakker
    • Aday Talavera
    • Jeff Tilson
    • Marcus Povey
    • Rasmus Lerdorf
    • Brad Smith
    • Hayden Shaw
    • Ben Werdmuller
    • András Szepesházi
    • slyhne
    • Facyla
    • ManUtopiK
    • Emmanuel
    • Centillien
    • twentyfiveautumn
    • Janek Lasocki-Biczysko
    • Ash Ward
    • Arsalan Shah
    • Angel Gabriel Vargas Beltran
    • Tantek Çelik
    • Team Webgalli
    • bwoodnz
    • Danny Navarro
    • EC2 Default User
    • Kody Peterson
    • Liang Lee