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    Paweł Sroka

    Elgg 1.9.0-rc.4 released

    With slight delay in our 2-week release cycle, we're proud to announce that the fourth release candidate version of Elgg 1.9 as  availible for download. It's probably the last release candidate version before official 1.9.0 release so that's great occasion for especially intensive bug hunting. Please report all bugs in our github issue tracker:

    This release closes all remaining issues blocking 1.9.0 release


    • discussions: Added email SMTP headers for better thread grouping. (91755a86, closes #6894)


    • i18n: internationalized the documentation (ff5fd9be, closes #5899)
    • upgrading: Added upgrade instructions for 1.8 to 1.9 (001e3ffa, closes #5900)

    Bug Fixes

    • aalborg_theme: selected page menu does not collapse sub menu (53f696ce, closes #6979)
    • collections: make urls work regardless of username (76827f22, closes #6059)
    • core: Added missing options array support for ElggUser methods (30d98c67, closes #6994)
    • deprecation: the deprecation wrapper correctly handles array access (264fc5f2, closes #7017, #6917)
    • discussion: no longer show entity menu items on non-discussions (d3c7c953, closes #6508)
    • file:
    • destroy output buffer before sending file (007021ff)
    • download adds header Content-Length (8375eb09)
    • groups: give feedback if a user cannot be added to a group (07cddc61, closes #6081)
    • install: Make installer usable on smartphones (b528d988)
    • members: prevent members search with empty query (12f7b88f)
    • notifications: Corrected html entities handling for email subject and body (4bfb849e, closes #6905)
    • release: Corrected release script Windows system compatibility (18f78403)
    • router: Can return 'handler' param in 'route', $identifier hook again (6e09758f, closes #6696)
    • rss: River entries include their full correct summaries again (96679d8b, closes #6901)
    • thewire: More effective textarea change detection (e07f6975)
    • ui: Corrected bad stretching of non-square, large avatars. Now upscaling by width. (71ea155b, closes #5602)
    • upgrade: test for ability to connect to localhost if rewrite test fails (7c49e4ce, closes #6888)         

    No release is possible without contributors:

    • Evan Winslow
    • Paweł Sroka
    • Matt Beckett
    • Jeroen Dalsem
    • Paul Shepel
    • Steve Clay
    • Adrián Chaves Fernández (Gallaecio)
    • JoseLGM
    • Per Jensen