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    Steve Clay

    Elgg 1.8.17 and 1.7.20 Security Releases

    Elgg 1.8.17 and 1.7.20 have been released to address a few critical security issues. Be sure to upgrade immediately to protect your sites.

    • A specially-crafted request can return the contents of sensitive files.
    • A reflected XSS attack is possible against 1.8 systems.
    • The cryptographic key used for various purposes may have been generated with weak entropy, particularly on Windows.

    ​Thanks to Mike Kasper and an anonymous contributor for reporting these vulnerabilities to us privately via

    1.8.17 also includes tons of other fixes:

    • URLs with non-ASCII usernames again work
    • Floated images are now properly cleared in content areas
    • The activity page title now matches the document title
    • Search again supports multiple comments on the same entity
    • Group member listings are ordered by name
    • Blog archive sidebar now reverse chronological
    • URLs with matching parens can now be auto-linked
    • Log browser links for users now work
    • Disabling over 50 objects should no longer result in an infinite loop
    • The system_log table can now store IPv6 addresses
    • Radio/checkbox inputs no longer have border radius (for IE10)
    • Htmlawed was upgraded to 1.1.16
    • List functions: no need to specify pagination for unlimited queries
    • User picker: the Only Friends checkbox again works
    • Group bookmarklet no longer shown to non-members
    • Widget reordering fixed when moving across columns
    • Web services auth_gettoken() now accepts email address
    • Refuse to deactivate plugins needed as dependencies

    Thanks to all contributors who worked on these releases:

    • Brett Profitt
    • Cash Costello
    • Ed Lyons
    • Evan Winslow
    • Jeroen Dalsem
    • Jerome Bakker
    • Juho Jaakkola
    • Matt Beckett
    • Paweł Sroka
    • Sem
    • Steve Clay

    If you would like to contribute to an Elgg release, fork our repository at GitHub.